Spanish Henry Miller

Does anyone know of a Spanish essayist that might be thought of as that fine country’s Henry Miller? A Latin American Henry Miller would work too. I’m in Madrid and want to read a little in the native tongue while I’m here…

So far I think I might like Terenci Moix or Francisco Umbral, though I’m also considering reading Ortega y Gasset for the first time, but any and all recommendations would be appreciated. Familiarity with Nietzsche would, of course, be a plus.

3 thoughts on “Spanish Henry Miller

  1. You might be interested in Afterpop: La literatura de la implosion mediatica by Eloy Fernandez Porta. It was chosen Book of the Year in 2007 by Spanish literary magazine Quimera for its insightful analysis of not only literature but of contemporary culture. Que lo pases bien en Madrid!!

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