James Thompson

I am a student in the Interdisciplinary PhD Program in the Built Environment at the University of Washington and co-founder of the Critical Design graduate interest group. My academic and professional background is in architecture, a field that as of late has been  characterized as residing in a ‘post-critical’ historical stage. In response to such claims, my dissertation research will investigate how critical thinking can be incorporated into design practice (and praxis) via professional design education. Employing various pedagogical approaches, I hope to bolster the inherent pragmatic nature of design and the potential political agency of the designer with the necessary and appropriate critical tools to allow for meaningful interventions in the built environment.

My future career path will almost certainly be an amalgamation of professional and academic pursuits that criss-cross the proverbial walls of the university. As you might imagine, I am always on the lookout for interdisciplinary opportunities that relate to the topics of politics, design, and urban life, as well as examples of ‘critical design’, built or otherwise. Feel free to contact me (webpage here).

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