Roberto Bolaño died ten years ago today

For Another Critique of the Pyramid

The Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño died ten years ago today, and I’m in the midst of re-reading The Savage Detectives (1998) on the heels of completing my third reading of Amulet (1999). The latter is an elaboration of one short story from the long middle section of The Savage Detectives — a meditation on 1968, youth, and Mexico City. (See a related post from when I was recently reading Amulethere.)

Several months ago, Teo Ballvé posted Roberto Bolaño & Geopolitics on his Territorial Masquerades. More recently, the Los Angeles Review of Books published this essay by Lisa Locascio, inspired by the currently running exhibition “Bolaño Archive. 1977–2003” at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona.

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