OSU reading schedule

Week 7          Excerpts from Hardt & Negri’s Multitude

Week 8          Beasley-Murray’s “Conclusion” to Posthegemony and Wendy Brown interview on Occupy, Sovereignty and Secularism

Week 9 (spring break)    Read Hakim Bey’s “Temporary Autonomous Zone” (excerpt)  [no in-class discussion scheduled]

Week 10         Introduction to Radical Thought in Italy  (“Laboratory Italy”)   and Virno’s “Virtuosity and Revolution”

Week 11          Virno’s Grammar of the Multitude

Week 12         Colin Ward’s Anarchism, Todd May on “Anarchism from Foucault to Rancière” and Graeber’s “The New Anarchists”

Week 13         Graeber’s  Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology and Tiqqun This is not a program  excerpt   (first 51 pages)

Week 14         Rancière essays (TBD)

Week 15         Rancière’s  The Politics of Aesthetics

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