Multitude, Anarchy, Occupy

Week 1

Introduction, business and overview of seminar


Week 2

Occupy  Timeline

Brown Occupy Wall Street

Benardi   Collapse Europe

Dean  Claiming Division

Protevi  Enactment at OWS

Graeber   Debt Spark

Butler  Bodies in Alliance

Gladwell  Revolution Not Tweetable



Mitchell Preface to ‘Occupy’

Harcourt  Political Disobdedience

Mitchell  Arts of Occupation

Taussig  I’m So Angry


Week 4

Harvey Rebel Cities

Holland Slow Motion Strike


Week 5

Wolf  Occupy the Economy: Challenging Capitalism

Fisher Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative


Week 6

Arditi  Insurgencies are the Plan

Mazzarella Myth of the Multitude


Week 7

Extracts from Hardt/Negri Multitude

Beasley-Murray Posthegemony, Conclusion


Weeks 8-14

Paolo Virno “A Grammar of the Multitude: For an Analysis of Contemporary Forms of Life”, Semiotext(e) 2004

David Graeber “Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology”, Prickly Paradigm Press 2004

Colin Ward “Anarchism: A Very short Introduction”, Oxford 2004

Jacques Ranciere “The Politics of Aesthetics”, Continuum 2004


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