Bifo: “In the solitary cabin of our lives: on Andreas Lubitz”

My Desiring-Machines

In the solitary cabin of our lives: on Andreas Lubitz
By Franco (“Bifo” ) Berardi
Translated from the Spanish at El Diario:

It seems that Andreas Lubitz, the young pilot who crashed himself along with an airplane full of passengers, into a rocky mountain hid a medical certificate that diagnosed his pathological depression from his company, Lufthansa. This was wrong, without a doubt, but totally understandable: turbo-capitalism does not like workers who take time off for health reasons, and much less for depression.

Am I depressed? Don’t mention it! I feel fine: I am perfectly efficient, happy, dynamic, energetic and, above all, competitive. I am going to run every morning and always be available to work extra hours. This is the philosophy of the low-cost airlines, isn’t it? And it is also the philosophy of the perfectly deregulated market, where everyone is constantly asking us to give the best…

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