Spanish Henry Miller

Does anyone know of a Spanish essayist that might be thought of as that fine country’s Henry Miller? A Latin American Henry Miller would work too. I’m in Madrid and want to read a little in the native tongue while I’m here…

So far I think I might like Terenci Moix or Francisco Umbral, though I’m also considering reading Ortega y Gasset for the first time, but any and all recommendations would be appreciated. Familiarity with Nietzsche would, of course, be a plus.

Eric Mazur and the Suppression of a Utopian Past

Jon Beasley-Murray on flexible education; the short version: “The radical educational proposals of the 1960s and 1970s are being rediscovered, now that their promise is finally realizable thanks to technological innovation. But their utopian thrust has been lost, their politics have been gutted, and everything has to be “monetized” as part of a massive round of enclosures in which for-profit start-ups and mega-corporations colonize the captive educational market.”


Eric MazurThe past few days my institution has been hosting Eric Mazur, a Harvard physicist who has made a name for himself in the world of “flexible learning” for his tweaks to the university lecture format to create what is sometimes called a “flipped classroom.”

His visit was muchhyped by the university, and drew a large crowd. As he himself tells us, it was his fourth lecture in as many countries and as many days. Mazur is a big shot.

Essentially, his pedagogical tweaks involve the use of technology to incorporate student feedback and discussion. His technique is for the lecturer to introduce a concept, then pose a question. After responses to the question have been gathered, students discuss their answers among themselves before answering the question again; the lecturer goes over the correct answer and moves on. The point is that ideally students will have taught each…

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