Better late than never, I suppose. I’m finally jumping into the pool… starting with a response to the Holland/Harvey readings.

the Urban Archivist

This started as a reading response for Becoming Poor, a theory reading group at the UW that I’m part of, but it sort of ran away and became bigger and perhaps of interest to a larger group. If that’s true, I’d appreciate comments in hopes of following up in greater depth. Transdudes, I speak only from my transfeminine position; I’d love to hear your take(s). In any case, I have cross-posted to both Becoming Poor as well as our cross-country collaboration with OSU, Nomad Scholarship.

On the face of the Earth, spreading like disease
Contaminating, Infiltrating like a horde of bees.

–“Raising Hell”, Run D.M.C

Having made a guest appearance in Holland’s paper, the ages-old conundrum of “reform or revolution?” seems to have played out in the set of Harvey and Holland readings. As to David Harvey I found his Rebel Cities far less rebellious for my tastes, what…

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